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Our anti slip treatments and our anti slip tapes are Certified “High Traction” by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI)
Many of our floor care products are UL® Classified for slip resistance


TRAX Slip Resistant Floor Cleaner & Maintainer - 70378 - $64.95 to $50.95 based on quantity

Slip Resistant Floor Cleaner & Maintainer
Price: US$64.95
Item Number: 70378

Discount (Per Item)

4 to 15US$60.95
16 or moreUS$54.95

TRAX Slip Resistant Floor Cleaner & Maintainer - 70378:

  • For use over acrylic polymer floor finishes, carnauba based floor waxes and vinyl, linoleum, terrazzo, marble, composite or similar surfaces.
  • Dries to a Buffable Gloss.
  • The process used to manufacture TRAX combines the effectiveness of heavy duty cleaning agents with the slip resistance of an invisible monomolecular slip resistant film.
  • TRAX has been designed to meet a critical need in the marketplace for a product that would effectively clean soiled floors and simultaneously leave a slip resistant surface.
  • TRAX increases the co-efficient of friction.
  • May be used to clean and maintain acrylic polymer floor finishes as well as synthetic and carnauba based floor waxes.
  • May be buffed to a high gloss.
  • UL® Classified for Slip Resistance.


  • Increases Co-efficient of Friction
  • Highly Concentrated & Self-Neutralizing
  • No Rinsing
  • Contains NO Acids
  • CFIA Compliant in Canada for use in Food Industry


  • Reduces Potential for Slip and Fall Accidents
  • Effective Deep Cleaning
  • Apply by Mop, Brush or Automated Equipment
  • HIGHLY CONCENTRATED - Only a few ounces of TRAX per gallon of water is necessary to effectively clean and treat most floor surfaces.
  • TRAX has a built-in foam control system to minimize sudsing and reduce the clogging of automatic scrubber recovery systems.
  • Ideal for retail, industrial environments. For hospitals, hospitality, institutions and commercial establishments.
  • Price per gallon (3.78 L)

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