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Our anti slip treatments and our anti slip tapes are Certified “High Traction” by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI)
Many of our floor care products are UL® Classified for slip resistance


No Skidding® 20th Anniversary!

From a simple idea to a company with a global recognition.

Today we celebrate the 20 year anniversary of Noskidding®. In the global market, 20 years is a short term. However, we are happy and proud of our success for over 20 years. This time have been full of wonderful memories, spanning from creation of our first product to continuous development of new and existing Noskidding®.

It started as a simple idea of creating an anti-slip product in order to minimize slip injuries. The idea was strengthened through planning, strategy, technical implementation, and first trial and error. From the date of our foundation, the company has gained stability and popularity in the local market and soon become recognizable in the international market as well.

Today, Noskidding® provides a high-quality products which is supplied to 50 countries worldwide. These advances could have only been achieved through dedicated work of remarkable people and through support from family and friends.

The 20th anniversary of Noskidding® is the celebration of all the wonderful people who have been involved in the prosperity of Noskidding®. Thank you to all our customers past and present for giving us the opportunity to provide you with our anti slip products of your needs.

Happy Birthday to Noskidding® ! We hope to continue to flourish and explore new horizons.